Certification Course

Discover Your Giftedness
2 Days Advanced Certification Training

Day 1 - For Personal Development

Introductory training for those who are either NOT acquainted with the DISC Model of Human Behavior and Spiritual Gifts, and/or those who just want to learn more of the basics to improve their personal understanding and development!

  • Learn how spiritual gifts and the DISC Model of Human Behavior can increase involvement and improve church members’ assimilation.
  • Avoid conflicts and reduce clashes through Biblical Resolution
  • Become a “Certified Human Behavior Consultant”!

Day 2 - For Pastors, Staff, & Lay Leaders

Training for those interested in learning more than the basics and how to use the DISC Model of Human Behavior and Spiritual Gifts in their ministries. (You must attend Day 1 Training).

  • Improve effectiveness through personality and spiritual gifts profiling!
  • Learn in-depth interpretation of the DISC Graphs!
  • How to describe Behavioral Blends to improve your counseling skills!
  • Develop your leadership skills to a higher level of competence by understanding why people do what they do!
  • Learn how to use Human Behavior Science for Team Building!
  • How to recruit and equip members into the ministry of your church!
  • How to interview and hire staff more wisely!
  • Develop a proven and effective assimilation ministry!
  • Learn how to avoid a crisis and establish your leadership!

Course fee

Day 1 - $380
Day 2 - $580