Certification Course

Improve Your Tasks & People Skills

No matter what roles you fill – spouse, boss, employee, parent, child, teacher, pastor – you must constantly work with people in a spirit of mutual cooperation to accomplish the tasks at hand. According to a major study conducted by the Carnegie Foundation, Harvard and Stanford Universities, success at home, work, or church depends 85% on people skills and self-knowledge, and 15% on technical knowledge. This course “Improve your Task and People Skills” is designed to help you gain insights that will increase your effectiveness.

The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make - Managing everyone the same way!

  • What the most recent scientific studies reveal about behavior.
  • How to read people like a book.
  • Balancing High-Tech with High-Touch.
  • Understanding the Four Temperament Model of Behavior.

Solving the Mystery of Motivation - Understanding everyone is motivated!

  • Discovering why people do what they do.
  • Simplifying leadership . . . Practical application.
  • Identifying what mainly motivates you and others.
  • Understanding there are no bad personalities.
  • Developing leadership through flexibility.

Predicting Responses / Avoiding Conflicts - Why intimidation and manipulation don't work!

  • How to lead and be led most effectively.
  • How each personality responds in conflict.
  • Discovering what makes you tick & what ticks you off.
  • Designing Resolution Management policies and procedures.
  • Hidden pitfalls of growing organizations.

Handling and Changing Poor Attitudes - Creating an atmosphere and environment for success!

  • How to deal with stress and pressure.
  • The Incredible Hulk Syndrome.
  • Turning sour grapes into sweet employees.
  • Identifying which of 21 Behavioral Blends best describes you.

Overusing Strengths becomes Abuses - Guarding the best and avoiding the worst thing about you!

  • Why and how opposites attract and attack.
  • How to get more done with less time / resources.
  • Discerning your and other's "hot buttons."
  • Speaking and teaching to the interests and needs of others.

Change Management - "Reengineering The Corporation" Results!

  • Redefining reengineering and change management.
  • Understanding the why and need for reengineering.
  • Avoiding the "seeds of destruction" as you reengineer.
  • Developing strategies to assure reengineering success.
  • Discovering hidden factors that can destroy results.
  • Appealing to four basic temperament types to communicate reengineering more effectively.

Team Building - Understanding why the biggest problem in business is not technical - it's relational!

  • How to build a "Team" atmosphere.
  • Guarding against surrounding yourself with people just like you.
  • How each person "fits" to make the team most effective.
  • Improving Team Building through personality profiling.
  • Solving employee problems before you hire.
  • Interviewing prospective employees more effectively.

Selling and Servicing - How "People Based" selling and servicing works!

  • When and how to sell and service others according to personalities.
  • How to read "body language" to improve presentation and / or sales approach.
  • Dealing with objections to redirect results.
  • How to close the sale more effectively by understanding customers motivations.
  • How to get customers coming back and grow your business without a lot of hype.

Dr. Charles Stanley — "I wholeheartedly recommend it!"
Rick Warren — "One of the best seminars ever!"

Who should attend?

Pastors, Associate Ministers, Directors of Christian Education, Counselors, Business/Professional People, Lay Leaders, Missionaries, Para-church Executives, Camp Directors, Chaplains, Administrators, Teachers, Spouses, and Employees.

Cost Per Person - S$580