Marriage Dance - Taking Time for Love (Marriage Enrichment and Preparatory Course)


In the beginning most couples believe that their marriages are good, or, at least going to be so. They are enthusiastic and optimistic about living their lives together.
But then comes the real thing – changes, struggles, adjustments and disappointments.
Who is there to help and encourage them through these? We also live in a world where divorce is increasing at an alarming rate. How can we ensure that this doesn’t happen to us? What are some practical steps we can take to prevent it? 
Here’s a marriage enrichment weekend that seeks to provide the needed perspectives as well as hands-on practical help on how to strengthen and enrich your marriage.

Session One: The Impact Of Modernity On The Marriage/Family

Characteristics Of Strong & Healthy Marriages

  • Understanding Modern Influences & Post-Modernity

  • The impact of Modernity/ Post-Modernity on the Marriage/Family

  • The importance of marriage (The Family)

  • Causes of Marital Failure/Breakdown

  • Characteristics of Strong & Healthy Marriages

Session Two: Understanding & Appreciating Each Other: The Gender Gap


The Gender Gap

  • Introductory Remarks

  • What constitutes gender?

  • Gender Differences

  • Stereotypical Differences

  • Negotiating & Appreciating the Differences

Session Three: Understanding & Appreciating Each Other: Personality Difference (DISC Profiling)

  • Understanding Personality

  • Administering DISC Personality Profiles

  • Personality Differences

  • Working through the Rough Sports

Session Four: Couples' Communication: Recovering A Lost Art

  • Introduction

  • Barriers to Communication

  • The Five Levels of Communication

  • The Four Styles of Communication

  • Qualities of Good Communication

  • A Framework for Processing Communication

Session Five: Fighting For Your Marriage: Effective Conflict Resolution Styles

  • Introduction

  • Definitions of Conflict

  • Values and Benefits of Conflict

  • Levels of Conflict

  • Causes/Roots of Conflict

  • Styles of Conflict Resolution/Management

  • Some Destructive Fight Styles

  • Constructive Fight Styles

Session Six: Intended For Pleasure: Appreciating And Enjoying The Gift Of Sex

  • Introduction

  • The Four Phases of the Human Sexual Response (Masters & Johnson)      

  • Walking Through the Sexual Experience (Cliff & Joyce Penner)

  • Principles & Guidelines for Enhancing Marital Sexuality

  • Common Sexual Struggles & Problems

Course Fee

  • $110 per couple