Cultivating A Lasting Understanding Of People

Most people at one time or another - work with boards and committees - in the process of ministry. The "Cultivating A Lasting Understanding Of People" seminar provides a way to engage and focus on people issues - to accomplish goals in a spirit of mutual cooperation. In this session, you will discover and control your personality traits, relate to almost any people, discover and apply your God-given talents in ministry and work, disciple and motivate those under you, learn how different people learn and finally develop an action plan by putting all you have learned to practice. And yes, any human development course would not be complete without a discussion on conflict management.

Recommended Participants

  • New Christians
  • Lay leaders
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Cell Group members
  • Serving Christians
  • Christian Professionals

Course Fee

  • $30 per person
  • For Churches and Christian Organisations, please call for group discount.