Devotional & Reflection

Week 3, Feb 2002

1 Cor 15:55 - Leaving A Legacy
By Teo Kok Hong, Regional Director & Trainer, Ezra Resources

I Cor 15:55
"Where, O death is your victory?
Where, O death, is your sting?"

Those who were born during the baby boom years would probably realise by now that we get to attend more wake services than wedding ceremonies. During the past months, I had to attend wake services in quick succession, one after another. It proves one point: there is no greater certainty than the certainty of death, but there is also no greater uncertainty than the timing of death. No one escapes its clutches. It may happen at a time when we least expect it.

As for me, in one particular wake service, I was struck by the eulogy given by a church member of her deceased mother. It left an indelible impression on my mind. The thoughts shared were unforgettable as it was sobering. The deceased came to know the Lord in the last minutes of her dying moments. Of course all the heavenly hosts rejoice in the salvation of one and there are no partialities on God's part who actively seeks to draw people to himself. However that is not the point that I am trying to make here. During the deceased's lifetime she served her family, husband and children tirelessly. Her passion to reach out to her pupils - constantly inspiring them to learn and creating in her students a desire for lifelong learning - was exemplary. But the most important thought that struck me was the legacy she left behind: love.

There are many when they pass off leave behind a legacy of wealth for their children to inherit. Still others leave behind a burden of debts for their children to clear. But few would leave behind a legacy of love that would in turn transform itself into a ray of life giving hope.

Although death is the ultimate judgment of sin, the death of Christ has redeemed us from spiritual death. That's why John Owen, a Puritan, wrote a book entitled, "The death of death in the death of Christ." As Christians, finding new life through death is good news. This is the message of Christ's death.

As her daughter was with her mother during the final moments, she felt compelled to share the love of God to her. Many have tried but were met with stiff resistance. Not knowing what to say and how to say did not stop her from sharing the message of love. Surely, nothing is more meaningful for her daughter than when her mother accepted the love of God. It was love begetting love as God is love. The love she received from her mother was now reciprocated to her in the message of Christ. It was love begetting love. Love that bears life, giving hope. Now it is the daughter giving a new lease of life to her mother, spiritual life and she is now safe in the bosom of the heavenly Father.

1. How has death lost its sting?
2. What kind of a legacy would you like to leave behind for your children or for others?
3. If we had to depart from this world, what would you like to hear in an eulogy about yourself?

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