Week 1, Sep 2003

God is Holy

Part 1 of A Testimony by Vincent Chia, Senior Company Executive

Isaiah 6:3 “… Holy, holy, holy is the Lord Almighty; the whole earth is full of His glory.”

Two years ago, I accepted a posting in KL to oversee the start-up and management of a new property there. Throughout the past two years, the Lord was leading me and, by His Grace, my family and I had many occasions to experience what God is like.

The project I was to start up as a semi-serviced apartment had been under construction for five years. Throughout its troubled construction period, it had 2 main contractors, 3 architects and numerous accidents on site. The project was delayed due to the 1997 Asian financial crisis as well as its first main contractor going under bankruptcy protection. The second main contractor experienced numerous strikes by the Indonesian construction workers.

Soon after arrival in KL, I began to sense that the project was under the control of darkness. Some workers professed to have seen spirits in various parts of the uncompleted building and several resigned en bloc, refusing to work in the building. Security was a problem as we had a few unexplained changes in security personnel. We were also experiencing many technical problems especially construction quality. My family and I weren’t spared either, as we faced spiritual warfare constantly, going through problem after problem.

After going through a prayer walk, I discovered a small altar at the rear of the compound. At first I had thought that it was abandoned. Later, I found that some workers were still using the altar, occasionally getting 4D numbers from the “resident” or “datuk” as the Malays would call it.

I began to frantically persuade the current main contractor to remove the altar but was told that it belonged to the first contractor. My urgency increased as I soon realized that this altar was the controlling factor for all the problems, a stronghold of darkness.

I took it upon myself to pray for the Lord’s blessings and protection for all the occupants. After a few months of prayer, my Singapore pastor introduced my family and I to a new Presbyterian Church in KL. This church gave us much needed support.

The Minister of the Church, Reverend Wong, Associate Pastor Caleb, together with our KL cell group leader Dr. Wong, came to my place after finding out about the altar. Before proceeding to destroy the altar, Rev. Wong reminded us to constantly pray for our families as well as ourselves for the Lord’s protection for what we were about to do. After praying, Rev. Wong and Pastor Caleb proceeded to destroy the idols and packed the debris for disposal.

I felt a heavy weight lifted from my shoulders and things seemed to get brighter. The reports of disturbances stopped and the occupancy of the project doubled within the month.

In this episode, I learnt that our God is Holy. He will not tolerate sin and evil. In doing our best in acknowledging His Holiness, He will honor our desire.

I must say that Rev. Wong, Pastor Caleb and Dr. Wong made personal sacrifices in helping to destroy that altar as I have come to realize that each of them faced personal attacks later on but the Lord continued to protect them. Dr. Wong’s home was broken into but was not hurt. Pastor Caleb is going through some issues even as I write this testimony, and Rev. Wong had some issues as well. Even I faced more problems thereafter but we could all see the Lord’s hand protecting and helping us grow in our love for Him. He is indeed holy.

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