Week 3, Sep 2003

God is Good

Part 3 of A Testimony by Vincent Chia, Senior Company Executive

Psalm 34:8 : “Taste and see that the Lord is good; blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him.”

Working as an expatriate in KL had not been easy for my family and I. But God has been good to us throughout our two years’ stay there. God’s goodness can never be fully accounted for, as the blessings are too numerous. I will try to list some here to acknowledge His hand upon us and give Him all the glory.

As an expatriate, that label carried with it certain disadvantages. Many business people that we ran into had a tendency to take advantage of us. This was because they thought that we were very rich, since we were on expatriate terms. My family was taken advantage of many times, from our purchase of our family cars to the maid agency from which we got our first KL maid and even the taxis my wife took. Thanks be to the Lord who protected us all the way such that we did not suffer physical loss or injury although in a few instances, we nearly came to blows with some nasty parties.

Our first maid in KL gave more problems than met my wife’s domestic needs. She came with a lot of emotional baggage and always wanted us to advance more money. We accommodated her at first, out of compassion, but had to put a stop to this after two occasions. After our refusal to advance more money, the maid became extremely difficult and would also argue with my wife on her salary and off days. We decided to terminate her services after seven months. The Lord blessed us with another maid who eventually returned with us to Singapore.

We came across many security problems in KL. Many of my tenants would have their wallets picked or handbag snatched even just down the street immediately outside our compound. We had a break-in at the perimeter once but we managed to spot the burglar. Thereafter we had to string up barbed wires at some corners of the perimeter that were remote to deter would-be burglars. There were also a few con jobs that resulted in one of our staff losing some money and me losing my mobile phone. But I thank God that He had kept all of us safe from physical harm.

God protected my family and I from some near fatal accidents as we traveled frequently between KL and Singapore. We made more than 60 round trips in 2 years and were kept safe. We constantly remembered to ask God for journey mercy and each time He answered our prayers.

We were introduced to The City Discipleship Presbyterian Church in KL in early 2002 and it was this Church that the Lord used to bless my family and I spiritually and sustained us throughout our “eventful” time there. The cell group that we belonged to in KL was a tremendous blessing as each cell member was selfless in rendering assistance when we needed it most. We were also thankful for the many Christian friends that the Lord allowed us to make in Wesley Methodist Church, which we first attended when we arrived in KL.

Last but not least, I thank God that I had relations in KL that helped us to settle in, especially my cousin whom I had not had the opportunity to know well till my posting there.

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