Certification Course

Discover Your Giftedness
1 Day Certification Training

Christians serving out of a sense of obligation is fulfilling a honourable responsibility. But fulfillment comes when we serve with joy. Gifts and joy are inter-related and the more we understand our spiritual gifts and personalities, the better we are able to serve with greater joy and fulfillment. This profile is designed to increase involvement, reduce conflict, and help identify spiritual gifts, talents, passions and interests.

Recommended Participants

  • Lay Leaders
  • Sunday School Teachers
  • Cell Group Leaders
  • Baptismal Candidates
  • Home Bible Studies

Contents of Profile

  • Discover Your Supernatural Giftedness
  • Spiritual Gifts Questionnaire & Graph
  • Spiritual Gifts Descriptions
  • Involvement From Spiritual Gifts Perspective
  • Discovering Your Natural Giftedness
  • Historical Background of Personality Types
  • Uniquely You DISC Questionnaire
  • Interpretation your Personality
  • Biblical Examples & Practical Application
  • Leadership and follower-ship Insights
  • DISCovering Your Behavioral Blend
  • Controlling Your Behavioral Blend
  • Integrating Spiritual Gifts With Personality Types
  • Involvement From Personality Perspective
  • Opportunities For Ministry
  • Biblical Resolution Management

Certification Costing

  • Certification Cost - $380 per person

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