Certification Course

Cultivating A Lasting Understanding Of People

Most people - at one time or another - work with boards, committees, in the process of ministry. The "Cultivating A Lasting Understanding Of People" seminar provides a way to engage and focus on people issues - to accomplish goals in a spirit of mutual cooperation. Learn about people skills, motivation, effective leadership and biblical conflict resolution and yes, disciple making is what this course is all about.

Recommended Participants

  • New Member Classes
  • Leadership Training
  • Sunday School
  • Church Training
  • Home Bible Studies
  • Lay Leaders

Contents of Certification Course

  • Understanding Yourself and Children
  • Interpreting DISC Personality Types
  • Discovering Your Behavioral Blends
  • Controlling Your Behavioral Blends
  • Challenging Differences among different personalities
  • Biblical Conflict Management
  • Relating Styles and Dating Insights
  • Leadership and follower-ship Insights
  • Biblical Examples / Practical Applications
  • Outreach Styles & Insights
  • Discipleship Styles & Insights
  • Personalities On The Job
  • Classroom Climate for Teachers
  • Resolving Student / Teacher Conflicts
  • Discipling / Motivating Students

Certification Costing

  • Certification Cost - $580 per person

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